We've opened our first cafe!

 The Chocolate Factory.

Open 7 days a week 10:00 - 16:00

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Our Menu

Always made from plants


Toasted Bagels

All bagels served with potato crisps

Indonesian - £6.20

Toasted sesame seed bagel with tempeh rashers topped with rocket, sun dried tomatoes and chocolate BBQ sauce.

Swedish - £6.20

Toasted sesame seed bagel with Swedish plant-balls, crunchy house slaw, sliced pickled gherkins and Sriracha mayo.


Cheese & Harissa Pesto Twist - £2.50

Applewood smoked cheeze and Harissa pesto puff pastry twist.


Walnut & Banana Load - £2.40

Banana bread with chocolate and walnuts​.

Plain Croissant - £1.50

Almond Croissant - £2.25

Almond cream & flaked almonds.

Cinnamon Roll - £2.00

Cinnamon sugar & gooey spiced syrup

Pain Au Chocolate - £1.60

Lots of dark chocolate!

Freshly Baked Bread

White Bloomer - £3.85

Multigrain Sourdough - £3.20

Organic stoneground flour, slow fermentation.

Sourdough Baguette - £2.60

Organic stoneground flour, slow fermentation.


Original Mylk Chocolate Bar 50g - £2.99

Smooth and creamy mylk chocolate

Orange Mylk Chocolate Bar 50g - £2.99

Smooth and creamy mylk chocolate with a splash of pure orange.

Salted Caramel Peanut Bar - £1.99

Oat nougat, salted date caramel, roasted peanuts, mylk chocolate.





Peanut Cocoa Beany - £5.20

Banana, Dates, Cacao, Peanut Butter, Oats, Himalayan Salt, Soya Milk.

Berry Proteiny - £5.20

Mixed berries, Oats, Hemp seeds, Agave, Soya Milk.


TLC - £4.20

(for a healthier mind & gut)

Apple, Carrot, Celery, Fennel, Ginger

Energy - £4.20

(an extra boost)

Pineapple, Apple, Carrot, Kale, Brocoli, Lemon


Well Bean Hot Chocolate - £3.00

Thick & creamy deliciousness. Made with our award winning chocolate!

Well Bean Mocha - £3.00

Coffee with a shot of our proper chocolate.

Dirty Chai Latte - £3.10

Spicy Chai syrup with mylk & coffee (double shot)

Chai Latte - £3.00

Spicy Chai syrup with mylk (No coffee)

Goldspice Latte - £3.00

A turmeric based blend with 8 powerful spices providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Coffee & Tea

Black Coffees (Double shot) - £2.20

Americano, Espresso, Cortado, Macchiato

White Coffees(double shot) 

(R) £2.90 (L)£3.10

Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White

*Add Gingerbread or Caramel syrup - £0.20p

NEMI Teas - £2.00

English Breakfast, Peppermint, Green, Earl Grey, Spicy Chai & Cardamom Chai


Soft Drinks

LemonAid - £2.60

Lime or Ginger

ChariTea - £2.60

Black tea with lemon

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