The Well-Bean Company

Hackney Downs Vegan Market 

Dream to Bean to Bar

Charlie (with a chocolate factory)

It was around February 2016 when I started teaching myself the craft of bean to bar chocolate making. I'd cut dairy from my diet to improve my health, and whilst I do love dark chocolate, I was missing the deliciousness of milk chocolate. I couldn't find a chocolate that satisfied this craving, so I decided I would invent my very own.


Hidden away in a garden shed that I had built in my landlords garden, I was spending day and night working on a recipe. After almost two years of eating a lot of not quite right test batches, I finally discovered a recipe I couldn't resist.


Things have evolved quite a lot since then. My shed is now a chocolate factory and instead of working alone I am now surrounded by a team of incredibly talented people who help to make The Well Bean Co what it is today.


When I am not working in the chocolate factory, I am involved in various mental health projects. I am very open about my own struggles with mental health and love sharing what I have experienced and learnt on my journey. In fact, inside each bar of chocolate I have included a snapshot of what's helped me feel healthier and happier.

The Well Bean Co donates its time and a percentage of profits to support mental health projects.

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